Ariel E. Sayger

The White River Race By: Ariel E. Sayger The beginning of the race is tense, and the river is just so immense. How is this race done in three days? This race tends to amaze. The countdown feels much too long, but when he says “Go!“ we‘re gone. And so the race starts. All had anxious hearts. As you paddle through the dense cloud, and you can hardly look around, and you almost get thwocked, by the big boats, sticks, and rocks. Then it starts to pour, and your feeling sore. You see a whole lot of bends. Your fingers need to extend. Through the mist comes a sunbeam, and you see the other team. “Don‘t let them out of my sight“ you think. You feel like your limits on the brink. You hear your teammates yell, “Almost there!“ then you paddle like your really scared. You get there first and dump the water. You pant like you are getting hotter. Then the day is over and you go to rest. You lay down and overall, sleep best. You wake up at stupid O‘ clock. Your father cooks eggs in a wock. We get in the van and depart. All watch our teammates speedy start. You don‘t paddle this day, but you cheer anyway. Everyone stops and eats. take a bite and think “yummy!“ The third day is the real goal. It‘s the day the race is sold. The day that decides the winner, and has a leg that‘s a sinner. To do this leg I need endurance. Glad my teammates gave me assurance. Seems the other team goes forever. Will I let them win? “No! Not ever!“ The end of the big race. Such an impatient place. First boat comes in… we didn‘t win. That‘s alright, we had fun, even though they have won. Next year we‘ll get a better place since it is the White River Race.